“The deepest and most secret workings of history are those that take place within ourselves. It is in the individual mind that private scruple grows into the conscience of an age, that accepted evil one day is found intolerable, or that the unthinkable at last gets thought. It is here… that wars begin; here that the national purpose falters or stands firm; here, therefore, that revolutions are made, and that ancient empires fall to ruin; here that civilizations flower or decay.


Whenever the old order of the earth gives way, the slow erosion of inherited codes and loyalties has long since prepared its passing. Whenever a new age dawns, subtle alterations in the pattern of our thoughts and feelings have long foretold its coming. Wasting or building, the winds and tides of mental change endlessly remodel the contours of society, and in so doing, like the forces of nature, they transform the earth.”


- Edmond Taylor, Prologue to “Awakening from History”. 1969